Monday, August 5, 2013

Nearly ready for battle of Kursk...

Preparation for the first serious Battleground Kursk battle are in progress. Unfortunately, most of my miniatures are not appropriate for mid-war battles, so I had to take couple of forgotten models from the bottom of my drawer. Believe me or not, the PSC Panzer IVs, I would like to include to my roster, awaited nearly 2 years to be painted.

Indeed, painting them was a real pleasure. I don't want to give you another review of PSC Panzer IVs - there are many available here and there. Just to emphasize - these are great models! Some people complain about plastic models being too light. I put some fishing weights together with PVA glue inside their hulls and they are nearly as heavy as resin models.

You may wonder why didn't I put Schurzens around hulls of the tanks. Well, it is because, from time to time, there are FoW tournaments here in Poznan that are played in mid-war MW 1942. This is mid-war restricted to machines available at 1942. I would like to have an option to field such an army, so I didn't want to make the tanks looking too much like H version. The G version didn't have Schurzen skirts at all, but still I think they will suit the period well.

I also painted SdKfz 222, which I bought to create an objective. Here, in BG Kursk it could be field alone, so why not to take a chance.

I have also read the rules once again, and I'm still happy about them. The thing that still impresses me the most is how short the rules exactly are :)

For now couple of photos and stay tuned for the next update on Kursk...


  1. Really nice looking models. I've just picked up a copy of these rules as well, and I look forward to getting to give them a whirl!

    1. Thanks :)

      I hope you will share your impressions about the battle system at your blog.