Saturday, September 17, 2011

FiB: Steyr 1500A Field Car Review

G-05 Steyr 1500 A
Recently, new alternative miniatures for Battlefront Flames of War 15mm scale system appeared on the market. I'm talking about Forged in Battle (FiB) minis by West Wind Productions. They are expending their offer quite dynamically right now. There are also couple of reviews of their products available that encouraged me to investigate the minis on my own.

Unfortunately (for me), all the tanks in FiB come with bases, so they wouldn't suite my army. Therefore, I decided to buy some "soft vehicles" as Panzergrenadiers Company HQ transports - Steyr 1500A cars.

Blister content

In the blister (£7.65 at Mealstorm) you will find 3x Steyr 1500A cars and 6x crew members. The cars are casted in resin - very beautiful models in my opinion. FiB uses a little bit different resin than Battlefront. It is white and little bit softer. I also found that it is more difficult to glue things to that kind of resin.

All the models look the same, so I decided to customize one of the vehicles by adding a petrol can.

Although models are really pretty, I was rather disappointed when it cames to crew figures. They have really strange looking helmets, which make them look more like firefighters than WWII german soldiers (for Star Wars fans they will also recall the picture of rebel soldiers I think ;).

Assembled and base coated Steyr 1500A cars

Battlefront vs FiB

I haven't had a chance to compare  Battlefront and FiB Steyr models face to face. I will try to update this sections as soon as I will have a chance to do so.

Right now I'm only able to give you dimensions of the model:
  • length: 4,5 cm
  • width: 2,5 cm

Car model:
  • length: 4,7 cm
  • width: 2,1 cm
  • height: 1,7 cm


Couple of photos of battle-ready models:


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