Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BF: Opel Maultier (GE275) Review

Don't you think that collecting miniatures for FOW or any other system could be divided into two stages? First you start from getting some core models of infantry and tanks, and after that you start to collect some more specific and less frequently used models like trucks, jeeps, etc.

Today I would like to talk a little bit about the models belonging to the latter group - Opel Maultiers. I decided to get a blister of these as a part of doing SS-Panzerpioniers project. The main problem was that I rarely could find points in my orders of battle to put them into the roster. Fortunately, in 3rd edition rules regarding remote-controlled toys were limited to a sensible level (although it will reduce the firepower of my pioniers I think it is a good change), and right now choosing a supply vehicle instead of a goliath starts to be reasonable (still, if you have points - go ahead and take both ;)

OK, but back to the point. Battlefront has two models of Maultiers in its products range. If you prefer the version with a removable cover of the transport compartment you should go for the GE274 Opel Maultier set - 16 Euro. The cheaper version is the GE275 Opel Maultier, which costs only 9 Euro. In each of option you get two models.

As I realized that Maultier is not a key vehicle in my company I went for the cheaper option. Unfortunately, I don't have the second one to compare with.

Blister contents

You will find two fully resin models in the blister. They are pretty heavy, so they lay comfortably in hand. Models are beautifully sculpted. There were only two moulds I had to remove. Unfortunately, both models look completely the same and there is not much you can do to customize them.

Model size

You can find exact measures of the models in the picture on right hand side.

- length: 6,3 cm
- width: 3,0 cm

Vehicle model:
- length: 5,7 cm
- width: 2,0 - 2,1 cm
- height: 2,7 cm


Couple of photos of battle-ready models: