Lenino to Berlin 43-45

Peoples' Army of Poland (Kondziu)
Lenino'43: Assault on the hill 215,5
Lenino'43: Trigubovo
 Lenino'43: Polzukhi

To add some flavor to our regular BGK battles we decided to create a simple campaign system.
The idea is to add some historical background to our battles. The theme of the campaign is the battle route of Peoples' Army of Poland at Eastern Front 43-45 (LWP). This will enable us to go smoothly between different Battlegroup books (Kursk, Overlord, and Fall of the Reich) and count the records of all the battles.
The rules are more than simple. We analyze the battle route of LWP, and for each major battle we do a little bit of research to understand:
  • What were the units that were involved in combat?
  • What equipment did they have?
  • Were there any special conditions / problems, etc.?
  • What terrain features were present?
Based on this information we try to select a BG scenario that would best represent the battle conditions. We also try to incorporate the information about the equipment into our rosters (we still prepare a valid 500-point order of battle for the Battlegroup game). If the battle is a bigger one, we split it into a number of smaller encounters. We don’t want to have exact, historical scenarios, because they involve very deep research, and at the end, it is hard to find well-balanced encounters that would be fun to play.

Battle system: Battlegroup Kursk
Battle description: The Polish 1st Division belonged to the 33 Army which task was to break through German Panther line and reach Dnieper River. The task for Polish division was to assault German line between village Polzukhi and hill 215,5. The attack led through the Valley of Mereya River. Crossing the shallow river wasn’t a big problem itself, however, crossing the swampy valley of the river was the real issue. During two days of fights Poles were able to take village Polzukhi and hill 215,5. However, they suffered heavy losses (25%) and were not able to continue the advance. They inflicted heavy casualties on German 337 infantry division. We divided the battle into three smaller encounters (details could be found here):

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