Monday, December 12, 2011

German universal unit markers

I've not been posting recently much, but I am back today with a new sheet of unit markers for Germans. As maybe some of you remember I have small markers attached to bases of my infantry teams to inform about their type and platoon they belong to. If you haven't seen them yet, you can find my previous markers [here].

Unfortunately, the markers were limited to 2nd and 12th SS only. Because of the new books that will be published in few days by BF (covering also SS-units at Eastern Front), I've decided to prepare a new set of markers that are not bound to a specific division. I also introduced couple of changes to them. First of all I removed officer insignia - I think people were not able to see them from the distance, and honestly there are probably few people that could recognize them. I also decreased the size of the marker and tried to emphasize the most important information - the type of team (the icons were not always self-explanatory for the people who were playing with me for the first time).
If you like them feel free to use them in your own forces. You can download markers from [here].


  1. I love this idea and plan on implementing it myself. Did you create the weapon silhouettes yourself? If you did, would you be willing to share the original picture files (instead of the pdf)? I'd like to investigate putting a bit more information on them such as move rate or perhaps morale and training levels (Not quite as much as you had initially).

    What are the crossed out crosses supposed to indicate? And the "A"s are to indicate attachments, no?