Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Master in Warehouse, Poznan 2012

During last weekend I had enormous pleasure to take part in the Master tournament in Poznan.

The event was quite notable. There were 21 players competing on 11 tables full of masterpiece terrain features.

 I decided to take my new SS-Panzerpioniers and have fun as much as I could. I hadn't been playing for such a long time so I was really hungry for game experience. And indeed I had great opponents that made these two days pure pleasure, and made me even more hungry for the next games in the following days. 

What about the results? As I expected from beginning my order of battle was not a "tournament-ready" one. Together with many simple mistakes that I made, it made me finish at 15th place. My colleague Kondziu was 16th with his ultra-fun Finnish panzer company (btw. some of the photos from the tournament below were made by Kondziu).

OK so what I've learned about my company. First of all, as I suspected it is extremely vulnerable to panzer companies with large number of tanks (two battles with Soviets and one with British amor proved it well); you don't want to leave your Tigers in reserves against panzerspah with Tigers, Brummbars and Pumas; and panzer pioniers are killers for infantry :)

Couple of photos...


  1. Very cool. Excellent photos. Thank you.

  2. The PaK nest is shelling the hell out of that huge hand. Very War of the Worlds ;-)