Saturday, January 11, 2014

PSC: Tiger 1 finished

I've just finished a new 15mm Tiger I model by Plastic Soldier Company and I finally have a platoon of 3 Tigers ready for  my new, nasty Battlegroup Kursk 500 pts. roster, so Kondziu beware!...

I don't want to write yet another review of the PSC kit - you'll find plenty of them here and there. Let me just share my general impressions about the model.

What you get is a single (but large) sprue with the parts enabling you to built different variants of the Tiger 1 tank, starting from the early desert version and ending up with its late versions with modified tracks system. The hull and turret are not covered with zimmerit, so if you like it you will have to add it yourself. The model has a very nice system for mounting the turret and something I haven't seen in 15mm scale - the gun mantle which enables you to control the gun angle (sic!).

In my opinion it is a real "model kit". It requires some time to assemble it, which might not be too convenient for wargamers, but will definitely give lots of pleasure to modelers. On the other hand, how many Tigers you need in your army?

There is however, one big issue related to tracks. I assembled many PSC models and I didn't have so much trouble with them (although many people complain about them). In this model it was a nightmare.

The model fits very well to Battlefront's one. It has slightly lower profile and some minor difference in turret (e.g., hatches). As you can see below it is not so easy to find a difference if you look from some distance. I decided to assemble a mid version so of course you'll easily notice which is which by looking at tracks.
Left - Battlefront, Right - PSC
Left - Battlefront, Right - PSC
Left - Battlefront, Right - PSC
Finally, I think it is a very nice model. I love the Battlefront's model very much - in my opinion it is one of their bests. I think that PSC is at least comparable, and if not only the tracks I would say it is even a little bit better.

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