Sunday, July 10, 2011

StuG Batterie vs. T-34 - 600 points

The first and the last battle of my 600-point StuG batterie was a duel with a company of T-34 tanks (mixture of 76mm and 85mm versions) belonging to my colleague Konrad. Unfortunately, we played the battle a couple months ago, so I don't remember the details. Still I thought that it would be worth to write about it.

We played a custom scenario, which was a little bit similar to hold the line – two objectives, ambush, but there was a turn limit for the attacker to get at least one of the objectives.

My two platoons met a company of 10x T-34 (5x 85mm and 5x 76mm) plus 1x T-34 85mm as a command. I have to admit that the enemy seemed a little bit overwhelming at the beginning. It was also funny, because my opponent had only one platoon and placed it in ambush, so I fought against the invisible enemy.

The first mistake I made was to place the Tiger in the hull down position waiting for the enemy to appear on the left flank. And it did appear with 12 shots from the 85mm guns. Luckily Tiger survived without a scratch.

I decided to conduct a regular hide and shot battle on the left flank while flanking the objective on the right side with the StuGs. It was a reasonable plan, because the right flank was guarded only by T-34 76mm.

The StuGs managed to reach the objective on the right side, however, the enemy was able to stretch the line nearly through the whole battlefield. Unfortunately, the time was running out...

I knew that the StuGs won't survive incoming T-34 85mm, so I decided to start approaching to the left objective with the Tiger. The only T-34 on that side of battlefield was bailed out. Just when my kitty was reaching the objective, the T-34's crew decided to get back to the tank... With little luck they smashed the Tiger.

The StuGs stood still, but the time ran out, and I lost the battle... Still it was fun :)

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