Friday, October 14, 2011

Meet my army: Part II - SS-Panzergrenadier Kompanie

Front cover of the GBX18 box set
Today, I would like to continue the section called "meet my army", and present the core forces of my company. It was the second box I bought from Battlefront -  GBX18. The box gives you a solid base for the SS-Panzergrenadier kompanie. It contains:

  • 2x HQ with 2x panzerschreck teams
  • 2x SS-Panzergrenadiers platoon (6x MG team and 1x SMG / Panzerfaust command team)
  • SS Light Anti-tank gun platoon (3x 7.5cm PaK 40)
  • SS Heavy platoon (4x HMG) - the one I rarely use

SS-Panzergrenadier company during assembly
The minis are great, you will find soldiers in many interesting poses enabling to compose two types of bases - dynamic and static.

The good point about the box is that if you combine it with a platoon of tanks or assault guns (e.g., StuGs), it will give you a battle-ready company for 1500-point battles. If you add a battery of nebelwerfers you are ready to successfully fight in 1750-point battles.
It's really cost-effective, however, if you are starting your adventure with FOW, I would recommend you to consider it twice before you decide to collect SS forces. They are in fact a nice option for beginners, because they are elite force, expensive in game points - which results in less models you have to buy to field a tournament-level company. However, their uniforms differ significantly from the other German forces, so you will not be able to easily change rosters. It may sound odd at the beginning, but when your collection of models expends you will want to field most of them for sure. If you can live with that, you will be really pleased to see how enemy panzer platoons brake their teeth on your stone-hard panzergrenadiers :)


Here are some photos of my SS-Panzergrenadiers. For sure, you will find many better painted figures at Battlefront forums, nevertheless I feel no reasons to be ashamed :)
SS-Panzergrenadier Kompanie
Company HQ with additional transport teams that are not included in the box set:

SS-Panzergrenadier platoons in action:

PaK 40 teams silently waiting for tanks in ambush:

Heavy machine gun platoon - every yankee nightmare...


  1. Hi Mirek, great Autumn camo, they look brilliant.

  2. Nice intro. You can always play them as Gross deutchland Heer which sported IIRC occasionally SS camo smocks. Anyway, I will not have a problem playing you if tell me they are Heer and not counted as ss :-)

  3. Actually, you are right. Most of the people wouldn't mind if I use them as Heer. Unfortunately, I wouldn't feel comfortable with that :) I enjoy watching battlefield and minis as much as playing ;)
    Thanks for pointing out that Gross Deutchland wore SS camo uniforms - this change my point of view a little bit :)

  4. Mirek,

    I think your painting is great, and I enjoyed this article alot. I'm painting my own PG company right now, but I have a problem.

    I don't know how to choose which men go on which bases. I know I need a HQ and then MG teams, but where in all the flames of war books is a guide to help me know how many men of certain styles go on a base and which men not to put together. Can you point me to the right book in all their books please?

    thank you,


  5. Hi Ken,

    I'm really glad you liked the painting :)

    Up to your question. You will find information in each army book. For instance if you take Earth & Steel (where you can find 2nd and 12th SS) and open it on page 161 you will see the organization diagram for the SS-Panzergrenadier platoon. As you can see there you have one Command MG team, and up to 3 Squads - each 2 MG teams. If you look closely to the silhouettes representing each team, you will see that they differ. For instance in each Squad you have:
    - 1st team -> one soldier with SMG (a leader), one soldier with MG, and two other guys (potentially one MG loader and one rifleman)
    - 2nd team -> MG operator and three soldiers (potentially one MG loader and two rifleman)

    Hope it helped :)

  6. Hello Mirek,

    First off beautifully painted models, Nice details such as the flowers.

    I do have one question though how did you make the labels?