Saturday, December 29, 2012

Big Kitty: Tiger II

Finally, I added one big kitty to my collection of minis. It is a Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B, which is btw often wrongly referred to as King Tiger or Royal Tiger (a very interesting story).

I have to admin that I wasn't a big fan of Tiger II tanks in FOW. Usually, expensive and useless. However, it turned out that Tiger II fits very well to my gepanzerte panzerpioniers company. I hope it will be even more usable once I replace the StuGs with a platoon of Marders. I think they will synergize well together. Tiger II is a great weapon for cleaning the assault path from panthers and other heavy tanks, while marders give quantity when defending against hords of light and medium tanks.

I bought a Tiger II model produced by Battlefront - the box set (GBX14), which contains two types of turrets - design by Porsche and Henschel. In addition, you will also receive one Tiger Ace skill dice.

Generally, the model is beautifully sculpted. However, there is one thing that guys from Battlefront should definitely rework - the fenders. Their parts just don't fit each other. If you want to attach them to a model (they are quite characteristic element of the Tiger II silhouette) you will have to play with green stuff to make it work. As you see below, I decided to forget about the fenders...

And finally, long awaited size comparison with the FiB version of Tiger II (thanks to elcee).


As usual, couple of photos of finished model... You will find more in the gallery section.


  1. Lovely clean paint job on your big cat.

  2. I like your ambush camo style. Im thinking of ordering one of the BF Tiger Ausf B and compare them to the FiB Models once im finished with them.

    1. Thanks :)
      I'm looking forward to see your review. FiB models are usually smaller, I'm wondering how it would be this time.

  3. Could you post the dimensions of the Tiger Ausf. B. (Hull length, width, height with turret and the total length)?

  4. My Forged in Battle Tiger Ausf. B arrived today, i'll start measuring them later and post the dimensions later today. I haven't ordered my comparison model by BF yet.

    If you are interested i might upload some pictures (including dimensons).

    "GBX30 Konigstiger Platoon" £38 vs "P-68 Tiger II, Henschel" £19.50
    we know there are plenty of "cheaper" products out there but thats almost what you pay for a single BF Kitty (£14, although you will get a discount with most sellers).
    If you can live with the molded bases of FiB its a great product, with 3 different scupts for the hull (different mudguards/fenders).

    preliminary measurements:
    length of the tracks: 6.4cm
    length of the hull: 7.2cm
    width of the tracks: 3.5cm without and 3.7cm with fender
    height of the hull: 1.8cm
    length of turret: 3.8cm
    width of turret: 1.8cm (on the top)
    height of turret: 1.0cm
    length of barrel: about 4.9-5.1cm (havent fitted this to the turret so far)

    1. Nice to hear that FiB once again proved to provide great stuff. From your measurement, it seems that this time the FiB version could be a little bit longer than BF's (there is probably a "measurement error" between how we both approached measuring the models).

      Great if you have some pictures I will link them with pleasure

  5. I had no time to paint this weekend, so just the dimensions have to work. Feel free to use the picture, in this case you might need another webspace though.