Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meet my army: Part VI - SS-Panther Platoon

I finally managed to finish the SS-Panther platoon I was working on recently. It was also a platoon that I experimented on with the couple of new techniques.
First of all, I used an airbrush to paint the camo for the first time. Unfortunately, I had problems with leaking air, but somehow I managed to paint what I needed. Second technique was filtering. It is a technique quite similar to washing, but you have to dilute the paint little bit more (I used oil paints and turpentine) and use nearly dry brush, which is the main difference from wash (where you apply dots of paint). It gives really nice effects. You can apply many layers and observe how colors change. I started with a mixture of brown and black and than applied couple of layers of light ochre. Finally, I tested a new technique for foliage camouflage.

You can find couple of photos below and the full gallery here.

I plan to use the panthers together with the SS-Panzer Pioniers I'm currently working on. We will see how they work together. 
However, I had a chance recently to test the panthers against Kondziu and his new Soviets from the Red Bear book. I prepared a Panzergrenadier Kampfgruppe form 5th SS division "Wiking" from the Grey Wolf book. It was really sad to see how ten T-34/85 and three SU100 chased my trained panthers here and there... sad...really sad.

Hans is a good commander, he navigates well in the unknown terrain

Ups... Hans had a wrong uniform, now it is correct...

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