Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Realistic foliage camouflage revisited

Today, I would like to go back to the topic on which I was already writing once - foliage camouflage. Last time I was talking about two ways of making this kind of camouflage. The first one was a simple camouflage made from clump foliage, the second one was more advanced. I used a tiny wire and leaves produced by Noch. The latter approach was definitely more realistic than the first one, but it was quite consuming and I was not fully satisfied with how the branches looked like.

Well, I try to continuously improve my modeling and painting techniques, so I decided to go back to the topic. I have to give a credit to the member of the FOW forum under the nick "Zoolander" who published a great tutorial on painting 15mm Panzer IVs. The idea I present here comes from his post on the Battlefront's forum.

The solution is a little bit more expensive than the one with a TV cable wire I presented before, but it is definitely easier to apply and effect is marvelous.

Step 1. Gather materials

This time you have to buy a Noch 23100 set. It contains a natural foliage - yes they look like real, dry plants (and they are real in fact). A mega-pack I bought costed me around 15 EUR. I have to mentioned that I used only a single piece of "bush" from the pack to produce a bunch of ready to use branches. In addition, you will have to buy leaves. I had two kinds of them. The first one was the pack of dark green leaves produced by Noch that I used last time. I mixed them with the Heki 3398 lighter colored leaves. I am really pleased with the color I obtained.

Step 2. Prepare branches

The second step is very simple, just tear apart small branches from the "bush branches".

Step 3. Glue the leaves

Now, cover each of branches in glue and then put it into the leaves - so simple :)

Step 4. Leave for while to dry

Finally, leave it for a single night alone, so the glue dries. That is all :) Below you can see the number of ready to use branches I obtained from a single piece of "bush" from the Noch's set.

The final effect...


  1. Thank you for this tutorial. I have seen this effect used very convincingly on other AFV however I could not find the product that was used. I already the leaves, just required the realistic frames. The very specific product code is very much appreciated. Cheers